Some rumors about LEGO’s minifigure raffle at San Diego Comic Con have started a huge outcry amongst LEGO fans (here & here). LEGO apparently wanted to prevent the figures from ending up on eBay for horrific asking prices.

Well I do support this thought. Unfortunatly it didn’t work out so well and now there are many, many fans ranting and whining, about a possibly rigged raffle.

But maybe it is simply time to get over it! There is no way collectors - which I consider myself to be one of - will have a complete collection without going through tremendous amounts of (financial) effort. But maybe, just maybe, you need to tell yourself to step back a little from time to time. Before paying $1000 for a minifigure, maybe you should take a look at your collection and be happy with what you’ve got and let those scalpers go to hell!

Don’t get me wrong, rigging a raffle sucks (if it happened), not having a complete collection sucks and not having the same chances as others also sucks. But what can you do other than GET OVER IT!

PS: the images is an edit of Paul “polywen” Lee’s Bat Man Slap

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